Our Brand ... and You

Brand Integrity – Our Greatest Strength

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When it comes to representing our brand, no detail is too small to matter. Font, color, placement, attitude, tone – all of it comes together to represent the sophistication of care and discovery that is happening here every day.

We want everyone to know that we are meticulous in all that we do. In a word, it is about demonstrating excellence.

Building and Sustaining a Strong Brand

One of the ways we show everyone that UT Southwestern is special is through careful design and word choices.

Our goal in every piece that bears our name or logo is to reinforce – visually and verbally – the incredible sophistication that happens in our labs, classrooms, and clinics.

The single most powerful tool at our disposal: consistency.

Communicating with a consistent appearance, tone, and voice is important if we want people to know who we are, what we stand for, and what they can expect from us.

Who We Are

On a fundamental level, we are an academic medical center – one of the world’s finest. We educate. We heal. We discover. Each function stands alone, but each also strengthens the other.

That interconnected three-part mission sets us apart from most other medical facilities.

We’re searching for breakthroughs in our labs and then moving our discoveries as quickly as possible into new and better treatments for patients in our clinics and hospital. And we’re training future doctors, scientists, therapists, and others to serve succeeding generations and preparing them to advance medicine even further.

It all comes together under one overriding focus: promoting health and a healthy society that enables achievement of full human potential.

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Brand Identity

There is no other organization exactly like UT Southwestern Medical Center.

UT Southwestern’s unique identity has been built over 75+ years – starting as a small medical college in abandoned Army barracks and developing into the leading academic medical center we are today.

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When people think of UT Southwestern, we want them to understand:

  • We have three missions that work as one.
    UT Southwestern is built around three core missions: education, research, and clinical care. Though separate, they are closely linked – by design.
  • We are leaders with a commitment to collaboration.
    Our commitment to breaking down barriers between education, research, and clinical care has led to progress in treating the toughest diseases.
  • We are science driven.
    We draw the best talent – driven by discovery and the pursuit of cures. Because of our exceptional scientific inquiry, we deliver better clinical care.
  • We deliver the future of medicine, today.
    We’re not content with merely dispensing today’s treatments. We’re on a mission of discovery and innovation to create and bring tomorrow’s treatments to our clinics and hospital, today.

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Medical and Pediatric Groups

Patient care at UT Southwestern is delivered by two distinct groups of physicians: the Medical Group and the Pediatric Group.

The Medical Group, specializes in the care of adults, and the Pediatric Group serves the health needs of children.

Combined, the two groups are the largest comprehensive, multispecialty, integrated group practice in North Texas.

UT Southwestern physicians and other health care professionals within the Medical and Pediatric Groups practice not only at UT Southwestern’s William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital and UTSW clinics, but also at:

  • Parkland Memorial Hospital
  • Children’s Health
  • Dallas VA
  • Scottish Rite for Children
  • Texas Health Dallas
  • UTSW regional medical centers across North Texas – Park Cities, Richardson/Plano, Fort Worth, Las Colinas, Frisco, and Redbird.

In 2023, UT Southwestern will open an outpatient specialty care facility in Coppell at Cyprus Waters.

Medical Group

UT Southwestern Medical Group physicians work as one. When patients see one of our physicians, they benefit from all of them. That means more than 2,000 experts are available for their care.

For doctors, it means having access to a network of the top researchers, the best facilities, and a common electronic medical record.

Medical Group physicians are united under one purpose: your good health.

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Pediatric Group

The UT Southwestern Pediatric Group marshals the best in patient care to collaboratively serve the needs of children and adolescents from birth to age 18. Our more than 300 full-time physicians constitute one of the largest pediatric groups in Texas.

Pediatric Group physicians are one in focus: ensuring the good health of children.